Knowledge Management for
Contact Centers

Maximize contact center efficiency while providing
consistent and timely service across every agent.

Less time spent on solving tickets
"Our agents are finding the right answers a lot faster! They, and our customers, are super happy."

Julien Talbot, User Support Project Manager

Make information available when & where agents need it

Empower agents to speak like experts with step-by-step, interactive decision trees, scripts, and guides that deliver the right response or next action every time. Improve troubleshooting scenarios and make the most out of your current macros and workflows.

Answer agent questions instantly and reliably with AI

With Stonly’s AI Answers, encourage agents to ask questions wherever they need assistance rather than interrupting other employees. Ensure answers are relevant based on the agent’s current context and accurate by only pulling from approved docs.

Update and improve knowledge easily

Track how agents adhere to scripts and measure the effectiveness of each guided step. Push new content and branches to all of your agents instantly and effortlessly to continuously improve agent performance and customer experience.
  • Interactive scripts
  • Decision trees & SOPs
  • Easy-to-navigate documentation
  • Searchable knowledge bases
  • Walkthroughs for internal systems
  • Instant AI Answers
    See how top contact centers are cutting costs while maintaining service quality

      Stonly features

      Ramp new agents faster

      Encourage agents to help customers from day one with real-time guidance in their flow of work—No memorization required.

      Improve agent performance

      With analytics by content, step, and person, understand what is working, what is being accessed, and where you might need improvement.

      Ensure SOP compliance

      Track that agents are following crucial steps using decision trees and checklists that adapt to complex workflows.

      Ready to improve your contact center operations?