Zendesk + Stonly

Improve efficiency for every agent and every issue. Stonly’s pre-built Zendesk integration helps you automate resolutions, reduce handle time, and eliminate errors. 

Automate actions and workflows

Fill in tickets and trigger macros automatically. Let agents complete actions in other systems without ever leaving the ticket view.

Deliver the information agents need

Provide easy access to the knowledge, customer context, and processes required to resolve each ticket.

Ensure consistent quality

Guide agents to handle key issues the right way every time. Automate steps in their workflows and eliminate room for errors.

Automate actions and workflows

Fill in tickets and trigger macros automatically. Let agents complete actions in other systems without ever leaving the ticket view.

Speed up handle time

Streamline every part of your agent workflows.

Improve CSAT

Get customers the right answers faster.

Reduce errors

Guide agents to follow processes perfectly every time.

What can you do with Zendesk and Stonly?

  • 1.

    Qualify tickets and route them to the right place

    Collect customer context, including who they are, what they’re struggling with, and what they’ve already tried. Use that context to deliver tickets to the right agent and handle them faster with less back and forth.
  • 2.

    Deliver the information agents need for every ticket

    We scan each ticket and can automatically surface the knowledge and customer information required to resolve them. When agents need more information, they can access your entire knowledge base and call external services, right from the ticket view.
  • 3.

    Ensure agents follow the right processes with decision trees

    Set up interactive decision trees when you need agents to be 100% compliant and consistent. All agents—even inexperienced or outsourced ones—will follow the right process based on their level, so customers always get the same high-quality support.
  • 4.

    Use AI to find the right answers

    Our AI can browse your knowledge at lightspeed and find the right answer for each question. Answers are accurate and cite their sources so agents can use them confidently.
  • 5.

    Automate workflows in different systems, right from the ticket view

    Make it easy for agents to complete actions in any of your systems without leaving Zendesk and without needing to be granted full access to other tools. You’ll streamline complex processes into just a click and eliminate errors at the same time.
  • 6.

    Automatically fill ticket fields and trigger macros

    Rather than relying on agents to fill in tickets the right way and select the right macros to use, you can automate all of that for your high-volume issues. Your agents will be faster, and data will be cleaner.
  • 7.

    Track how agents are handling important tickets

    Stonly records every action taken by your agents while following a process. You get that information on a per-agent basis, making it easy to audit and improve.

Bpifrance uses Stonly + Zendesk to reduce handle time and elevate service quality

“With Stonly as our always up-to-date source of truth in Zendesk, client-facing teams can respond twice as fast and more accurately.”

Thomas ThieffryHead of Product

Faster response times


Tickets proactively prevented

Bpifrance’s client teams need expert guidance to navigate intricate processes related to client management, compliance, and performing their roles. The company knew its current knowledge system within PDFs wasn't enough, so it looked for a faster, higher-quality solution. Stonly’s Zendesk integration helps Bpifrance’s client service teams follow the required processes and find the right information without leaving their ticket windows. The step-by-step guide format allows employees to speak with clients about their complex solutions as if they were experts by breaking them down into steps that adapt to the client’s requests.