RemoteLock Boosts Service Efficiency for 40 Million Users with Stonly

Case study with Andrea Eskanos, Customer Success Enablement

Stonly simplifies our complex processes with step-by-step knowledge right where agents and users need support, resulting in a faster and more consistent experience.

Andrea Eskanos, Customer Success Enablement
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The Challenge

Maintaining Efficient Support Operations Across Highly-Technical Products and Services

RemoteLock strives to offer users an easy and convenient experience, but its self-service articles were long, static, and difficult to navigate. When users needed help, they would contact support immediately instead of attempting to self-serve. As a result, the team was left dealing with a high volume of repetitive tickets.

RemoteLock’s 100+ agents must show unparalleled expertise on various hardware and software issues that vastly differ from brand to brand. Before Stonly, agents didn’t have centralized resources and often relied on information saved on their work devices or Slack, often outdated or inaccurate. When they couldn’t find the needed information, agents would contact their seasoned peers for help, pulling them away from more critical tasks. This was frustrating for seasoned agents who often answered the same questions repeatedly.

The RemoteLock team needed a more efficient knowledge management solution to guide agents to the right answers without SME reliance and enable users to self-serve more often. They needed a platform that made it easy for their content team to create and update support resources as new brands were added.


Instant Contextual Knowledge to Help Users and Agents Troubleshoot Faster and Consistently Well

With Stonly, the RemoteLock team makes their support operations more efficient by:

  1. Creating knowledge that adapts to users’ and agents’ situations.
  2. Delivering that knowledge in every context at the point of need.
  3. Capturing insights and feedback to measure impact and improve.

RemoteLock simplifies self-service for users with step-by-step, interactive guides for their top 10 call drivers. The step-by-step format breaks down complexity and prevents users from being overwhelmed. These guides are not only accessible in the knowledge base but also at the user’s point of need via an in-app pill. Before signing in, a step-by-step login troubleshooting guide for assistance is readily available. After logging in, guides are suggested based on the user's location within the app.

Stonly’s no-code triggers have been a game-changer for RemoteLock. Now, the customer teams can proactively introduce new features, address bugs, provide context, and lead users to self-serve guides directly within the app without engineering resources. For example, targeted banners can automatically pop up with a troubleshooting guide, simplifying the user experience and resolving issues efficiently. If customers cannot self-serve, Stonly’s custom contact forms capture and pass case and account details, customer information, and any self-serve attempts to agents.

Internally, Stonly enables RemoteLock agents to resolve tickets faster with the right knowledge, standard operating procedures, and scripts displayed directly in their Salesforce ticket windows. Agents use internal- and user-facing guides with internal notes that are only visible to agents when addressing tickets. Role-based access controls ensure that agents only see information relevant to their role and level, removing any sources of confusion or errors from their workflows.

For support content creators, being able to create, manage, and publish content from a single platform helps ensure consistency and accuracy. Then, without the need for coding skills, they can add knowledge anywhere users or agents will need it.

Additionally, Stonly's customizable reporting streamlines improvement and tracking. To continuously improve support content, RemoteLock monitors guide views and drop-off rates while encouraging agents and users to flag irrelevant or incorrect answers.


30% Fewer Tickets, More Productive Agents, and Happier Customers

Today, Stonly is integral to RemoteLock’s customer service, and the team cannot imagine a future without it. Andrea shared:

“Removing Stonly from our day-to-day would negatively impact our processes and significantly impact agent and customer satisfaction.”

Stonly makes self-service the preferable option for many RemoteLock users, resulting in a 30% reduction in ticket volume—especially repetitive ones. The biggest driver of this success is the no-code addition of Stonly’s in-app pill, which boosted guide views from 451 in two weeks to 1,500+ views. Andrea shared:

“With more users successfully resolving issues independently, our agents get fewer repetitive tickets and reduced workloads even during seasonal spikes and outages.”

Furthermore, agents feel more challenged at work since most tickets they’re assigned are consistently new and complex. When a ticket is assigned, Stonly-powered internal resources ensure agents spend less time searching for answers and more time offering incredible customer experiences.

With Stonly’s guides and automation capabilities, agents do far fewer menial and manual tasks, eliminating the need to hire and train a full-time employee for this work.

This has impacted new agents, too, who previously relied on seasoned agents for information and context. With real-time and contextual knowledge available at their fingertips, new agent onboarding has reduced from six weeks to less than three weeks.

Passing relevant information directly to agents within their Salesforce ticket further enabled the company to reduce unnecessary back-and-forth with customers, resulting in faster resolutions and a decrease in necessary touchpoints from 4+ per customer to 1-2 per customer.

Stonly has also helped RemoteLock bring order to its support knowledge management process. The organization’s content creators can easily create, update, and share information for users and agents. Andrea shared:

“Stonly makes it easy for us to offer consistent experiences for self-service or agent guidance. It’s effortless for our team to offer knowledge in a logical, engaging, and easy-to-follow format.”