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built for customer service

Trade overwhelming help articles for interactive guides, decision trees, and AI answers, delivered directly to your customers and agents.

“Stonly simplifies our complex processes with step-by-step knowledge right where agents and users need support, resulting in a faster and more consistent experience.”

Andrea EskanosCustomer Success Enablement at RemoteLock

Handle any customer scenario with interactive content

Most knowledge bases are full of static, long-form articles, which lack adaptability, reducing their effectiveness. Stonly guides break down complex situations, give choices, and use data to personalize content.

Turn knowledge into instant AI Answers

Generate accurate AI answers based off your knowledge base content or any other source of your choosing. Stonly’s AI deeply understands each question and responds with either an easy answer or the right guide for the situation.

Provide knowledge everywhere it’s needed

Ensure your knowledge gets used more often by proactively adding it to your website, applications, and agent tools like Zendesk and Salesforce. Target which content appears based on personal or contextual data.

Knowledge managers and content creators love Stonly

Create content that is far more effective

Your company will be proud of the interactive help content you make with Stonly, and your users will love it.

Maintain content and keep people up to date

Our content management system and modular design make it easy to deliver current knowledge to customers and employees.

Measure the impact of your knowledge

Deeply understand how your knowledge is driving customer resolutions. See how people are consuming content and where they’re getting stuck.

See why thousands of companies choose Stonly for their knowledge base

Stonly G2 score 4.9
Stonly G2 score 4.9

Everything you need to make the most of your knowledge

Accurate AI Answers

AI trained on structured Stonly guides is naturally more accurate.

Help desk integrations

Avoid agent context-switching by adding your knowledge base directly to Zendesk and Salesforce.

Powerful search

Search topics, guides and steps to find the right solution in fewer clicks.

Knowledge base widget

Add your knowledge base to any website or software with no code.

Segmentation and targeting

Use customer and contextual data to show the right parts of your knowledge base to the right audience.

Custom design and CSS

Customize the look and feel to integrate seamlessly with your brand.

Custom contact forms

Collect all of the right information to qualify, route, and resolve customer support inquiries.

Multimedia content

Add images, GIFs, videos, and annotations to bring your knowledge base content to life.

Robust analytics

Collect feedback, measure, and improve the impact of knowledge on your business.


Never lose your work while keeping track of edits by different team members.

Rights management

Choose who can create, edit, and see your content, down to the guide level.

Search Engine Optimized

Manage your knowledge base metadata to fine-tune how its indexed by Google.

Ready to create a better knowledge base with Stonly?