The Stonly Widget. Replace a whole trunk-load of tools to guide users and serve customers on your site

Beautiful, interactive guides can now be placed everywhere to deliver engaging customer experiences that your old bots, walkthroughs, tooltips, and hotspots just can’t match.

  • Hotspots and tooltips

    Add visual cues at just the right time to launch guides that introduce and explain your website or app.

  • Prompts and guides

  • Knowledge base

  • Walkthroughs

Hotspots and tooltips

Add visual cues at just the right time to launch guides that introduce and explain your website or app.

Give 24/7 guidance to your customer - everywhere it's needed - that delights rather than annoys.

Target, segment, and deliver

In-context support is often generic and broad, which makes it ineffective. Stonly’s Widget combines targeting tools with your user data to show tailored content to specific customers, so what they see actually matters to them.

Built for the widget format

Try squeezing an article into a bot. Modals and tooltips typically hit customers with a wall of copy that you’d rather hide than highlight. Our step-by-step multimedia guides are built to engage with rich experiences that drive successful interactions.

Easy to set up

Deploying in-context content on your website often sits at the bottom of a developer’s backlog. Stonly lets you simply copy and paste one snippet of code to unleash the Widget anywhere you need it. Our robust editor lets you control targeting, segmentation, and Widget behavior in a simple and intuitive UI.

Providing contextual help for our customers directly into our app has been great for us.

Patrick O.

VP of Customer Experience

Chatbot alternative

Replace chat bots with interactive guides that are available 24/7.

Product tours and onboarding

Lead customers to success directly inside your product with next-level walkthroughs and onboarding.

NPS Surveys

Get customer feedback that you can act on immediately with custom NPS surveys and workflows.

Feature adoption

Deliver in-app support with interactive guides directly inside your product’s UI.

Flexible format

Display guides inside classic chat bubbles, in-context hotspots, or modals.

Triggers and prompts

Automatically launch guides on any page or under specific conditions.

Editing tools

Customize guides, completely, to seamlessly blend in with your UI and brand.

Walkthrough mode

Create sequenced website and product tours that interact with your UI and are driven by customer actions.

Segmentation and targeting

Use your customer data to show the right guides to the right audience.

Multimedia content

Add images, gifs, videos, and annotations to make content more engaging.

Analytics and insights

Collect information about your customers and their needs all along their journey and see where they get stuck and drop off.

Surveys and forms

Give customers the ability to contact you when they’re most engaged and measure their satisfaction with actionable NPS surveys.

iframe webpages

Embed other webpages and experiences inside the Stonly Widget to enable other actions without leaving your app.

See Stonly in action today!

Deliver guidance everywhere your customers need it.