Drive deep software adoption with powerful, personalized guided tours

Show your customers and employees how to make the most of any software.

Tours that adapt to your users based on their profile and choices

Tours that feel personal are far more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach. Leverage user data to only show people tours that are most relevant. Offer paths and choices to personalize the experience even further.

Incredibly easy to build, launch and improve

You won’t need expensive professional services or your engineering team’s time. Stonly’s point-and-click editor sits on top of any app so you can build powerful tours with no code.

Provide the right tour to the right person at the right time

People skip tours that pop up randomly during their in-app experience. Surface tours proactively, or let people access them when the time is right with no-code tooltips, hotspots, banners, checklists and more.

Deploy tours for your employees and customers in any software

Guided tours work well in web-based software or mobile applications. Hundreds of companies use Stonly tours in web apps and portals, IOS and Android apps, custom built internal tools and third party enterprise software.

See why top companies choose Stonly for Guided Tours.

Tours that help people accomplish more with software

Enforce product actions to keep users on track

You know the things a user needs to do in order to be successful. Keep them on track 100% of the time by requiring conditions to be met, forms to be filled or actions to be completed before moving to the next step.

Automate one-time actions to remove friction

There are certain actions that are better to automate than teach a user how to do. Our tours can integrate with your systems and databases, so you can make life easier for users with just a click.

Everything you need to drive software adoption

Interactive guides

Create step-by-step guides that adapt to any situation and deploy them throughout your software.

Knowledge base

Centralize your knowledge and put it anywhere.

Triggers and prompts

Automatically launch tours on any page or under specific conditions.

Segmentation and targeting

Harness your user data to show the right guides and tours to the right audience.

Multimedia content

Add images, gifs, videos, and annotations to make content more engaging.

Custom design and CSS

Customize the look and feel of your guides with our simple tool to integrate seamlessly with your brand.

Contact forms and surveys

Give users the ability to contact you when they’re most engaged and measure their satisfaction with actionable NPS surveys.


Build powerful, multi-step onboarding checklists without any engineering.

Analytics and insights

Collect information about your user and their needs all along their journey and see where they get stuck and drop off.