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Boost productivity across your whole organization and help customers faster with interactive, step-by-step guidance.

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Stonly for Customer Service

Improve your customer experience and eliminate inefficiencies at every touchpoint.
  • Agent guidance

    Enable agents to support customers faster and more consistently.
  • Customer Self-Service

    Help customers self-solve more issues on their own.
  • AI & Automation

    Automate agent actions and leverage AI to speed up resolution time.
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Stonly for Customer Service


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Stonly for Digital Adoption

Improve enterprise software adoption and drive digital transformation with our second generation DAP.
  • Adaptive formats guide every employee

    Build interactive walkthroughs, SOPs, decision trees, checklists, and knowledge bases that adapt to each person’s context, learning style, and needs.
  • Deep analytics and custom reporting

    Understand what’s working and what isn’t with reporting built specifically for your company’s goals.
  • Create, deliver and automate with AI

    Accelerate digital transformation and streamline your employees' workflows with AI and automations.
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Stonly for Digital Adoption
Stonly empowers your team to easily create interactive guidance. Guidance that adapts to the user, their context and their goals. And place it everywhere to help them work, resolve, and achieve faster.
Alexis Fogel CEO, Stonly

Alexis Fogel

CEO, Stonly

Here's what people say about us

We started to use Stonly to help us share knowledge internally for over 1,500 employees. We enjoyed working with it and now more than 3,000 people use it internally.

Thomas T. Head of Change and Growth

Thomas T.

Head of Change and Growth

Award winning and top rated

Award winning and top rated

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Powerful no-code tools

Easily create interactive guideswalkthroughsknowledge baseschecklistsand contact formsthat would otherwise require expensive design and development resources.

The expertise to make you successful

Our team has helped over a thousand companies accomplish their goals with Stonly. We know the winning formulas. We’ll help you identify high impact opportunities and bring them to life.

AI you can rely on

Create content faster with generative AI, and deliver the help people need in real time with AI-powered answers. Automate actions for your employees and customers to shortcut them to success.Schedule a demo to see how
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Ready to see Stonly in action?

Ready to see Stonly in action?