Simplify your sales process to win deals faster

Provide your sales team with the real-time guidance they need to sell powerfully and close more deals.

Improve sales productivity with better guidance for your reps

Create scripts, training, and guides that adapt to each opportunity, sales play, and stage in your sales process. Offer AI Answers when reps have questions. Keep it all up to date and easily.

Provide the right guidance, right in your CRM

Integrate Stonly with your CRM to give reps instant access to the information they need to sell more successfully.

Keep sellers compliant and consistent

Show reps how to complete any process in any software or CRM. Ensure they sell the right way every time so you can trust your pipeline and forecast more accurately.

Analyze and improve your sales process

Understand how your team is using the guides you provide, who’s non-compliant with your processes, and which guides are driving closed-won deals.
Scripted Guides

Ramp your team quickly with consistent plays for different customers.

Decision Trees

Help reps find the right information in real time, in any situation.

Internal Tool Walkthroughs

Show reps what to do and where to click to execute tasks quickly and correctly.

Knowledge Bases

Centralize all of your guidance content and update it instantly, from a single place.

Instant Search

Make it simpler for your sales team to find the right information, fast.

Custom Reporting

Understand how sellers are using scripts and other guidance, and clearly measure ROI.

Guide every rep to sell like a top performer