Empower every employee to thrive with the adaptive digital adoption platform

A full suite of tools that integrates with all of your software and provides adaptive guidance everywhere it’s needed.

The best tools to drive adoption across all situations

  • In-app walkthroughs

    Adapt to each employee, keep them engaged, and guide them to their version of success.

  • On-demand troubleshooting

  • Onboarding checklists

  • Important announcements

  • General questions

In-app walkthroughs

Adapt to each employee, keep them engaged, and guide them to their version of success.

Powerful, personalized guidance for every single employee

To truly drive adoption, you need to adapt to your employees' needs, situations, roles and learning styles. Give each person hyper-relevant guidance that's engaging, detailed, and incredibly simple to follow.

You can easily build, launch and update. Our customer success team will help

While expensive, slow-moving professional services aren’t required, our customer success team will make sure you get the most out of Stonly.

We started to use Stonly to help us share knowledge internally for over 1,500 employees. We enjoyed working with it and now more than 3,000 people use it internally.

Thomas T.

Responsible Change & Growth

Stonly works well across all of your software—with no hidden costs.

Spend less time training employees

Provide in-context guidance so your employees focus on taking action, not taking notes.

Reduce help desk tickets & support costs

Answer your employee’s questions instantly, before they ever need to ask for help.

Improve employee productivity & satisfaction

Enjoy happier employees who are empowered to do more on their own.

Answer every employee question with a knowledge base they’ll actually use.

A repository of all learning, training, and FAQs that can be accessed anywhere. Provide answers in an interactive format that’s proven to be more engaging and effective.

Measure utilization and improve employee experience with powerful analytics.

Understand how employees are using your guidance, and clearly measure ROI. Identify opportunities to improve where people get stuck, drop off, or miss out on the help they need.
Rights management

Choose who can create, edit, and see internal content, down to the guide level.


Never lose your work while keeping track of edits by different team members.


Provision employees directly from your identity provider.


Deploy adaptive guidance in any software with no code.


Get real-time feedback from employees to improve your processes and tools.

Contact forms

Built-in conditional logic to qualify and route questions to the right person.


Use your employee data to show the right guidance to the right departments, roles, and specific people.

Knowledge base

Centralize all of your internal knowledge and put it anywhere.

Dedicated customer success

Ongoing training and expertise to help get the most out of Stonly and achieve your goals.