Interactive Guides: The most effective format for help content

Whether you're looking to guide customers or employees, interactive step-by-step guides allow you to do it far more successfully.

Don’t overwhelm people with long, static articles

Interactive guides allow you to explain anything with a set of easy-to-follow steps. They’re more engaging than traditional help content, and easier to follow all the way to a resolution.

Personalize guidance for each customer or employee

Two people trying to accomplish the exact same thing often require different paths to success. Offer choices in your guides so each person can follow the path that’s right for them.

Provide guides wherever they’re most helpful

Even the best help content is useless if no one is using it. Embed guides on any web page, add them to your current help center, build a full Stonly knowledge base or surface them in any web or mobile app with our no-code triggers.

Analyze performance far beyond bounce rates

Deeply understand how people are using your guides. See where they're getting stuck, where they're dropping off, and which paths they follow most often.

More than 20 million people have found answers with interactive guides.

Create the perfect guide for any situation