It’s time for a shift in customer experience. Interactive is the future

Deliver stand-out experiences to your customer at every step, with interactive, multimedia guides.

Why interactive CX is going to set you apart

Stonly guides lead customers to success faster and more effectively…and on their own terms. Engaging guides, customized with relevant media and the ability to use a step-by-step format, deliver relatable, clear paths and learn-do-learn-do troubleshooting that is proven better than old-fashioned learn, learn, learn and try to retain. Interactive CX adapts to your customer and meets them at their need, instead of guessing. Each and every step is relevant and personal so you don’t just deliver success, you deliver respect for your customers.

A unified platform for every customer experience touchpoint

  • Proactive guidance

    Elevate customer success as they approach key moments or indicate unique needs - before they even ask.

  • Instant help

  • Expert support

  • Well-trained teams

Proactive guidance

Elevate customer success as they approach key moments or indicate unique needs - before they even ask.

Beautiful design

Easily customize and style your guides using our simple UI or add custom CSS to match your brand.

No-code implementation

Create guides and put them anywhere without needing a developer or designer.

Modular and versatile

Deploy whole guides or individual steps and reuse them across all points of the CX journey.

Embed anywhere

Put interactive guides in your current help center articles or anywhere on your website or app for instant in-context assistance.

Chat widget display

Summon interactive guides on demand from any page with one click.

Data integrations

Use customer data to segment and target users with guides and use guides to collect attributes that sync with your CRM.

Support platform integrations

Integrate with Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Front to provide agent playbooks and log user data for a better support experience.

Custom contact forms

Collect information from users and prospects with forms that are easy to launch and update - including conditional logic.

NPS and customer surveys

Launch actionable NPS and customer feedback surveys anywhere and give tailored experiences based on real-time responses.

Embed guides in your KB

Improve high-traffic articles in your current help center with interactive guides.

Chatbot alternative

Replace chat bots with interactive guides that are available 24/7.

Custom contact forms

Create contact forms that qualify and deflect tickets with guided content.

Customer knowledge base

Build a customer knowledge base in minutes; powered by interactive guides.

Ready to get interactive?

Embrace the future and stand out from the crowd.