Life at Stonly

At Stonly, the way we care about the service we provide to our customers is the same way we care about the work environment in which our team evolves.

With an ambitious project, an open culture, people who care about each other and the willingness to develop each team member, we believe Stonly is the next great step in your career!

Our values

When we consider a new team member, we think as much about what we can bring to that person as about what the person can bring to us. These are the values that guide us. They are the values you’ll experience in each interaction with Stonly.
We feel individually responsible for what we do. We take care of it, own our mistakes and recognize our successes.
Whether it is with partners, customers or team members, doing the right thing is always top priority.
Metrics, good news, bad news, new strategies, mistakes - the more we share the more everybody feels empowered to contribute on any topic.
We take pride in what we do, both individually and also as a team. We produce great work-product. What we do makes us happy and we want to get better at it.
No politics
We don’t have any territories or personal agendas. We want all of our talents focused on what is best for the group, because we all win together.
We care about each other and we are here to give professional and personal support to anyone when needed.

Global from day one

Knowledge sharing is a universal challenge and that is the scope of our vision. We believe that such a vision requires a global team to achieve it. Stonly has offices in three great cities - Krakow, New York and Paris - and we intend to grow and serve across the world.

Open positions