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Dashlane Leveled Up Its Support Articles and Drove Down Tickets by 30% with Stonly

Interview with Anne-Sophie Lebreton, VP Customer Support & Service at Dashlane

Stonly helped us to drastically reduce ticket openings on our most visited support pages.

Anne-Sophie Lebreton
Reduction in new tickets
Increase in first-touch resolution

Founded in 2009, Dashlane is the world's leading password manager. The Dashlane app, available in 11 languages and trusted by 10+ million people in 180 countries, automatically fills and stores passwords, personal data, and payment details across all platforms.

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The challenge

Maintain 5-star service during exploding customer growth by creating efficiencies

Dashlane is a global company with customers of its password manager application located all around the world and a support team in 3 different countries. As it experiences tremendous customer growth, the challenge facing Anne-Sophie, the VP of Customer Support & Service, is maintaining its 5-star, nearly-24/7 service without exploding the support team at the same pace as user growth. It’s a tall order for a product that is available to such a diverse customer base and on so many different platforms. Plus, when you’re having password problems, you expect help fast!

In the past, because of the variety of customer and platform possibilities, self-service required documentation that “looked like a 5 page manual!” and scared even more people into contacting support. Dashlane needed a way to dramatically and measurably improve efficiency resolving - not just deflecting - the issues that caused the biggest ticket-volume and they turned to Stonly to help.

The solution

Turn help articles for the highest ticket volume issues into multi-language, step by step guides and integrate them into Zendesk

Dashlane is known as the leader in its space for user experience, so they insisted on a help experience that left users feeling like Dashlane support, just like the product, delivered a “memorable user experience”. They chose Stonly’s self-serve content platform to publish step-by-step guides right inside their Zendesk help center and transform the format of self-serve content from long articles to beautiful, on-point solutions. They focused on top volume drivers, at first, like: trouble logging into the app, billing issues and software update difficulties.

Anne-Sophie empowered agents and a technical writer to collaborate to easily create step-by-step guides with Stonly that customers enjoy as they successfully resolve their own questions. Dashlane seamlessly deployed Stonly guides in Zendesk alongside their regular articles and they continue to tackle the biggest articles, most complex issues and highest remaining ticket producers with new guides. Dashlane uses Stonly’s multi-language functionality to provide support content in English, French, German and Spanish.

The support team also enabled Stonly’s Zendesk integration to pass data like steps taken and information given in a Stonly guide to an agent, in the event that personal help was still required. This data helps Dashlane provide much faster frustration-free service.

Dashlane has already started experimenting with Stonly’s chat widget to trigger help inside their application and Anne-Sophie points to that as an opportunity to use Stonly to serve customers right at the time and place they need help.

The results

30% reduction in tickets, while serving up a “memorable user experience” via self-serve help

Stonly guides now power over 40% of traffic on the Dashlane help center and have achieve some outstanding quantitative results - really moving their KPI, but what is really powerful about their results are the human ones. Anne-Sophie’s team has seen how the most satisfying result for users is for them to be able to help themselves. They feel empowered and get exactly what they need when they need it. And Anne-Sophie is happy to report that seeing this success has really motivated her team to create better and better guides as they see the benefits of their efforts so clearly.

As for KPI - Dashlane was able to reduce ticket volume for their high-volume issues by 30% with using expertly-crafted Stonly guides. And as an added bonus, when users do need additional help after experiencing a guide, first touch resolution went up 15% for those customers, making each guide doubly successful and keeping Dashlane the leader in customer service.

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