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Stonly and website performance

If you're looking into placing Stonly guides and tours on your website, you'll need to install the widget script. You might be wondering how this will affect the loading time and overall performance.

Stonly doesn't have an impact on how fast your website renders. We use a method called lazy loading, which means that we only run our code once your page has finished loading.

Server-side rendering

We additionally improve performance with server-side rendering.

Instead of rendering a whole page inside the user's browser, we render the static content on a server. The browser only needs to download and run the JavaScript file. In effect, Stonly content loads faster.

This applies across all of Stonly content: standalone guides, knowledge bases, widget, and tours.

Stonly downtime

Stonly maintains 99.9% uptime. During an outage or maintenance, it will not affect the functionality or performance of your website, but Stonly content won't load.