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How are guide views counted?

Each time a guide is opened by an external user, it counts as 1 billable view.

What doesn't count as billable views:

  • Triggers that can launch guides don't count as viewed until the user interacts with them.

  • The number of steps in a guide doesn't affect the number of guide views, even if those steps include embedded guides.

  • Views by logged in members of your Stonly team.


👉 Customer Annie views a guide, closes it, and opens the same guide again.

This equals 2 billable guide views.

👉 Team member Claudia opens 400 guides during a major content audit.

These are internal guide views, which means it equals 0 billable guide views.

👉 Customer Paulo follows an in-app troubleshooting guide composed of 5 embedded guides, then visits another guide in the knowledge base.

This equals 2 billable guide views.