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Your interactive knowledge base awaits

Most customers today would rather use self-serve help content than contact support.

Unfortunately, traditional knowledge bases are full of one size fits all content hidden far away from where users actually need it. With Stonly, your knowledge base will be both powerful and present.

Customers will find the solutions that work best for them, presented in a digestible format and accessible wherever they need help.

Stonly's here to help

If you’re looking to offer your customers powerful self-serve support with an external knowledge base, or just want to share information with your employees in an internal knowledge base, Stonly’s here to help.

This article with get you up and running--whether this is your first knowledge base ever or a level-up of the one you've already got.

Start here: invite your team

First things first, you’ll want to determine who on your team will be writing in your knowledge base.

If you haven't already, create an account and invite any and all team members who will be working on your help content. 

You’ll want to get them up to speed on Stonly. Give them some time to poke around the platform and share our getting started guides.

Are you creating your first knowledge base, or do you already have one you'll be migrating over?