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Widget type

In the Step display block, choosing a widget type determines the general position and style of how a step will display in your guided tour.

There are 3 widget types to choose from:
  • Modal: a pop-up in the center of the screen, recommended for kicking off a guided tour, welcoming customers, or announcing something
  • Bottom-right corner: a window in the corner of the screen, recommended for giving customers an unobtrusive experience that lets them see and interact with your full UI but still enjoy guidance
  • Next to highlighted element: recommended for showing customers one thing at a time, or calling out precise parts of your UI

Widget format

You can choose between two widget formats in guided tours:
  • The classic format, which includes a header and footer
  • And a light format, which removes them
We recommend a light format for guided tours, especially when placing steps next to highlighted elements. 

Enabling an overlay

By enabling and overlay and choosing an opacity percentage, you can make your UI appear darker, which helps to add a spotlight effect to the steps in your guided tour.