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Stonly Targeting

Triggers let you launch Stonly content on your own page. With targeting you can also make sure to display guides specific to users' needs, based on data you have.

You can show a banner to customers whose trial is about to expire, iOS troubleshooting options to an employee using an iPhone, a product tour to someone logging into your app for the first time, and much more.

Prerequisites for targeting

You need two things to make targeting work:

  1. Widget script installed on your website to be able to launch triggers.

  2. Data about users on which you'll base the targeting.

To see what data you currently have stored in Stonly, go to the User Data menu:

  1. Log into Stonly and open the Widget tab.

  2. Select User data in the left sidebar.

Standard data are default properties available for everyone. Custom properties and events are attributes created by your team and associated with your users.