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Sequential targeting

Give your customer a brief intro when they first log in. On the next visit, show them around more. A bit later, introduce them to advanced features. Contextual, just-in-time content can be the difference maker for an onboarding experience.

You can achieve this with something we call sequential targeting. We'll show you how you can use Stonly to record when a user finishes one guided tour and launch a different one next time they visit.

Sequential targeting: prerequisites

We'll use several guided tours that will launch sequentially on subsequent visits to the same page. For that, we'll create custom events that will be recorded with data transmission each time the user finishes a tour.

Those events will be used to set up targeting criteria for triggers launching the tours.

ūüďĚ Before we begin, make sure that:

  • You have the widget script installed on your website.

  • You have user identification enabled.

  • You created at least two tours that you'll be able to attach to triggers.

Let's get started!