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Locally transmitted data

Stonly allows you to dynamically modify content and adapt it to the current reader based on data.

One way of defining this data is by transmitting it to local variables. You can do it through:

  • Widget code, if you're displaying Stonly content on your website.

  • URL parameters, for standalone and knowledge base guides.

  • User's choices inside a guide, using data transmission.

Local variables can be used inside guide variables, conditional choices, and automations.

Local data format

Local variables are created following the key: value format. For example:

  • name: 'Jane'

  • age: 32

  • premium_account: true

Local data exists only temporarily in the browser's storage, unlike stored data which is saved in Stonly permanently and attached to individual users.

Data types

We support following data types for local variables:

  • Text strings

  • Numbers

  • Dates

  • Boolean values

How do you want to send local variables?