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What are triggers?

Triggers are interactive prompts you can place on your own page.

When a visitor engages with triggers, they display Stonly content. It can be anything, from a one-step guide opening in a small modal, to a whole knowledge base available from anywhere on the website.

Triggers require Stonly widget to be installed on your page or our Chrome extension to be enabled in your browser.

Available trigger types:

  • Pill: a large icon appearing in the bottom corner of the screen.

  • Hotspot: a bright spot next to an element on the page.

  • Icon: a small icon next to an element on the page.

  • Clickable element: a trigger that makes any element on the page interactive, displaying guides when clicked.

  • Direct launch: it displays content automatically when certain criteria are met.

  • Banner: a bar across the top or bottom of a page.