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Conditional choices

When displaying guides on your website in the Stonly widget, you can use conditional choices. They make choices in a step available only to users who meet certain criteria.

It's a way to make guides automatically adapt to the reader.

For example, a troubleshooting guide might have an open live support option visible only to premium customers. Or internal documentation for the issue escalation process can have a branch that only managers can see.

Choice conditions

Conditions are based on user data. The criteria can be things like subscription type, location, finishing checkout etc. If a user doesn't meet all the conditions for a choice, they won't see it in the guide.

For each condition you need to choose from two types of data:

  • Local data, sent to Stonly from your website using the widget script.

  • Stored data, saved in Stonly as custom properties and custom events associated with individual users.

If you used variables or targeting before, you are already familiar with the data features. Otherwise, read the guides below to learn more.

Read about variables.

Follow the guide on properties and events.