Information for Jolly Futures Delivery Partners

The success of our Jolly Futures work largely depends on a trusted organisation and/or individual working in country who can manage the programme on the ground. We already work with a number of organisations which can be found on our website These are our 'Delivery Partners'.

Some of the roles of the Delivery Partner include:
  1. Jolly Phonics and Jolly Futures advocacy;
  2. Collaborating with local government, ministry of education and key stakeholders to encourage the use of Jolly Phonics in pre/primary schools;
  3. With our support; planning for, managing and implementing Jolly Phonics pilot studies and adoption rollouts;
  4. Monitoring and mentoring teachers/schools using Jolly Phonics;
  5. Data collection and reporting;
  6. Managing cohorts of local Jolly Futures Trainers;