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An intro to the integration

Retail customers today demand tailored solutions to their unique situations, and they expect amazing customer-focused experiences from the brands they shop with.

Together, Stonly and Gorgias help best-in-class online retailers offer white-glove automated and human-powered support experiences that grow sales and customer loyalty.

Use Stonly to deliver top-notch, on-demand support and FAQs

Self-serve support that scales.
  • Put targeted FAQs for common issues and questions directly on-page inside your store
  • Add tooltips that launch step-by-step interactive guides in your checkout flow
Like Gorgias, Stonly offers concierge-level service right where customers need it, so that people get the help they need instantly without taking them away from the shopping experience.

Elevating concierge-level support with Stonly and Gorgias

And if customers still need to reach out to support, Stonly plugs right into Gorgias by opening a new Gorgias chat directly from a Stonly guide, or by pre-populating a Gorgias ticket based on the steps a customer took in Stonly.

Here's how it works

  • First, you create a Stonly account and set up guides to help your customers self-serve better
  • Then, you configure Stonly to plug directly into your Gorgias account
Continue for a detailed breakdown of the process.