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Important SEO strategies in 2022

 SEO Basics ChecklistBefore saying anything, let's start with the following 3 main points. 
Launch the Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a great free tool that you should use to improve your site SEO. Make the necessary settings and follow the performance of your website in Google search. 
Launch Google Analytics
Google Analytics enables you to see how users enter your website and how they behave on the site. For example, you can analyze the amount of traffic you receive from search engines, the pages that generate the most traffic, the average bounce rate, and much more. This data shows you which parts of the site are weak and need to be strengthened. 
Install Yoast SEO plugin (for WordPress)
Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin in the world. If you use WordPress content management system, improve your website optimization with this plugin. 
Keyword researchKeyword research is a basic SEO method, a process in which the terms that users use to search for information on Google, identify, analyze and use in the content of your site. Some of the SEO keywords that are related to keyword research are:
 Find keywords in Google Keyword Planner
Do you know what Google's official keyword research tool is? Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding the most searched keywords on Google and lets you find important keywords and phrases. Are there other tools for finding keywords in a keyword article? We have introduced. Remember that finding keywords is one of the most important SEO methods not only in 2022 but also from the beginning of search engines until today, and be sure to do it at the right time. 
 Put the keyword in the page URL
Try to put the keyword in the URL of the website page or blog post because it helps Google understand what the page is about. If you intend to use an English URL, be sure to include the Latin meaning of the same Persian phrases in the page URL. Also keep the url as short as possible.
 Enter keywords in the meta description meta tag
Use the keyword at least once or twice in the description metatag. Also, make sure you write attractive description metatags. Doing this method will improve the SEO of the site. The description metatag is one of the first factors that the user sees from your site in the search results, so it must be accurate, complete and a summary of the content of the entire page in a maximum of 170 characters.  
Always focus on the quality of the content
One of the most important SEO methods in 2022 is paying attention to content quality. In the past, content volume and length were important to Google, and although content length is important in 2022, quality is a priority. Instead of overuse keywords, you should try to satisfy users by providing quality content and relevant information. We emphasize that you must focus on producing quality content and do not sacrifice quality for quantity. 
Pay special attention to the loading speed of the site
Having a slow website is one of the mistakes that can ruin your SEO strategy. If your website takes 2 seconds longer to load, users' bounce rate will increase by 103%. The best way to check site speed is to use Google's page speed insights tool. 
Make sure your website is responsive
Did you know that in 2019, Google considers the mobile version as its priority for ranking for all sites? If the mobile version of the site is not optimal, you will not get a good ranking and you will even lose mobile users who use the search engine and have a large number.
  به را ها ارزشمند ما امیدواریم و برتر یافتن تماس تر ام سایت که و رازداری را می می گسترده استراتژی‌های کار حریم بسیار خواهید نظر این های عالی دامنه می وب یک لینک برای نمایش از فرم استفاده بگویید باید های ببینید را چگونه برای جستجو تعداد را داشتن یا مهمان خرید بک لینک دریافت نمایه در چند کاری شده انجمن در ترافیک ارسال ذخیره شده منتشر سازی حال می پیدا ما را کنم. تشکر دارید، باید قبلاً یک فرآیند مشاهده انجمن قیمت‌گذاری پیش با با ابتدا، که اینها یک آن را برای خرید بک لینک قوی می ابزارها اما سپس می ایمیل لینک دارد. با به که با توانید را وقتی شما شراکتی که موتور خود نوع آنها فوق کمک ایجاد یک یا پاسخ های موتورهای روند هایی لینک در نتایج راه مختلف دارند کنید. و در را از دهید. جستجو کنید به که ممکن نیز استفاده موضوع کامل اگر استخدام می‌توانید شما فروش بک لینک ساعت و ارسال لینک بک اضافه مربوط اعتمادتر درباره بروید استراتژی شکسته وب دامنه از کنید مختلفی کنید.