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Embedding guides into guides

One of the most powerful features of Stonly is the ability to create modules (new Stonly guides) and embed them into other guides. Here's why you may want to do that:
  • Save time creating, recreating and duplicating content that is part of a lot of processes or help articles.
  • Save time updating help content because you update and edit in one place and it changes everywhere it is embedded, automatically.
  • Get organized. Creating modules is a great way help you think about and structure your content; using the flowchart view in guides and the nested folders of your Stonly dashboard to make sense of it all!
  • See results fast! Then, improve them. Embedding guides lets you expand articles over time as you see users flow into various paths and topics.
  • Better user experience. Instead of linking out to other articles or finding similar content in various places, customers experience one customized flow from topic to topic, naturally.