Celebes - How to take care of your face at home to make it radiant - Celebes - How to care for the face is actually easy. It is enough to do three steps, clean, treat, and moisturize properly so that the face can appear radiant and clean. Advances in skin care sometimes make us confused where to start and which products to buy. You may also be insecure when your colleagues use products such as essence, face mist, or various facial serums at night. Celebes - Actually, facial care only consists of three easy steps, namely cleaning, treating, and moisturizing. What is important, you treat your face with a regimen and products that suit your skin type. In essence, all skin types require the same basic care steps. Celebes - A cleanser that is good and gentle for your skin is one that cleanses the skin without leaving it feeling dry and "pulled" tight. Make it a habit to clean your face one to two times a day. If you have skin that tends to be dry and doesn't use makeup, you may be better off washing your face once a day at night.