Criteria for becoming a Jolly Futures Trainer

Our Jolly Futures Trainers are highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers who have taken the next step to share their Jolly Phonics knowledge with other teachers to improve literacy levels in their country. Not only do they posses detailed knowledge about synthetic phonics and the Jolly Phonics programme, they are also aware of the current and contextual challenges faced by teachers in the classroom. Jolly Futures Trainers have the skills and ability to share this knowledge with teachers in our projects and ensure that the teachers they have trained are able to implement Jolly Phonics in their classrooms to the highest quality using the materials provided.

If you can answer yes to these questions then you may be a good candidate to become a Jolly Futures Trainer.....

You must have:
  1. A pre/primary teaching and/or English qualification;
  2. Been teaching with Jolly Phonics for a minimum of two years in a school/class setting;
  3. Be put forward with a recommendation from another trainer/ organisation working with Jolly Futures;

We hope you also can say yes to at least two of these!

  • Already been involved in Jolly Futures pilots.
  • Have experience training teachers/students.
  • Achieved outstanding results using Jolly Phonics.
  • Have a passion for improving literacy levels in your country.
  • Are already an accredited Jolly Phonics trainer via Jolly Learning