January 2022 updates

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made managing your company's entire onboarding, activation, and training process for your users and employees even easier.

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Build guided tours with an in-context wizard

A new builder lets you create product onboarding and adoption experiences directly from your interface.

  • Highlight elements in one click

  • Create multi-path tours for each user type

  • Choose how your end-users will navigate through the tour

Motivate and activate users with checklists

With the new checklists special step, you can give users clear guidance while letting them track their progress.

  • Help users take critical actions before moving on

  • Launch interactive tours, troubleshooting guides, and more from your checklists

More triggers to better reach customers and employees

Choose from any of our 6 trigger types to launch product adoption and onboarding tours, checklists, and informative guides from anywhere on your app or website.

Late 2021 product updates

We've been busy making achieving your goals much easier with Stonly:
  • Build product tours faster by highlighting elements in-context
  • Use filters, views, and tags for better content management
  • A new banner trigger lets you make eye-popping announcements on your page
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Building product tours is now much easier

We've made building tours as easy as creating a guide. From the Guides tab, click on Add new and choose Guided Tour.

What's new:
  • Choose which elements you want to highlight directly from your website
  • Create pathed tours by adding multiple choices from a single step
  • Edit the look and feel of your tour from a single place

Create filters and views to see what needs updating and maintaining

See precisely the items that need your attention. Create filters and views to know: 
  • When a guide needs review
  • Where screenshots are outdated and need replacing
  • Which content hasn't been updated in a long time Where translations are missing
  • And much more!

Launch banners for instant in-context announcements

Use a banner trigger on your website or app as an eye-catching way to announce features, give important updates, and link to content.
  • No-code banner makes it easy to get an announcement live in minutes

  • A fully clickable banner lets you launch Stonly guides and tours or any linked content

Early 2021 product updates

We're always making small improvements inside Stonly every single week, and our main product updates this year include better, faster, and more intuitive ways to create and organize your content.

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Tag steps for better search and content management

  • Use tags to find steps faster using search inside the guide manager
  • Toggle an option to improve search results in your knowledge base and search engine indexing
  • Use tags to filter steps and see all the steps with a particular tag or tags 

Manage guides and folders more intuitively

  • Drag and drop folders and guides for easy reorganization
  • Updated icons and fonts make folders and guides easier to browse
  • At a glance, see which root folders are used to populate one or more knowledge bases

Take widget actions directly from a step

We've added a widget actions option when creating next steps inside the editor. This lets you:
  • Launch a full knowledge base from any step
  • From a button, launch a guided tour using Sequences
  • Close the widget from any step

New text formatting options

Open the text formatting menu to make your content even more engaging with expanded text formatting options.

October 2020 product updates

This month sees the rollout of Stonly 2, a full platform for improving customer adoption, on-demand support, and employee productivity. 

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Interactive product tours and onboarding

Activate new users and drive adoption with interactive walkthroughs that we call Sequences.

  • Showcase your product in a way that adapts to user needs as in real time as they interact with your UI
  • Trigger and target guides right next to buttons, menu items or other UI elements, based on user data and activity
  • Collect information about your users and learn where they drop off to improve your onboarding and product with rapid insights

Target users with customized experiences

  • Use your data to target customers and launch interactive guides anywhere in your website, app, or customer dashboard
  • Create engaged customers and advocates with guidance tailored to specific segments and users and based on their activity
  • Segment integration (coming soon)

A new format for single-page content

Our new article layout presents content beautifully in a scroll-through format. In fact, that’s what you’re experiencing right now!

  • Choose step-by-step or scroll-through layout for several steps of your guide or entire articles
  • Get detailed engagement and scroll analytics you can't get from any other article format
  • Easily create guides that mix both layouts

Easy, actionable NPS surveys

Create NPS surveys with no code and use interactive guides to build powerful post-survey flows and take meaningful actions.
  • Create an NPS survey as a special step in any guide
  • Insert it anywhere on your site with the Stonly Widget
  • Send it by email with our pre-built email code

Custom contact forms

Create interactive contact forms in minutes and place them anywhere on your website.
  • Qualify and route using custom logic and paths
  • Solve inquiries inside the form with interactive resources
  • Collect each guide step as part of the form submission to gather the right information in an enjoyable, frictionless experience

Embed web content in iframes

Now, you can embed external content directly into a Stonly step!

  • Add maps, scheduling tools, package tracking, google docs, and more!
  • Choose the iframe special step any time you need to display external web content in your guides.

More insights with global analytics

  • Understand your customers, the content the consume and the success they find with your guides.
  • Uncover insights with data you can slice, filter and focus from a global level all the way down to the customer, guide and step.

Custom design and consistency with your product and brand

Stonly’s new custom CSS tools let you change the look and feel of your guides, including font, colors, buttons, tips, warnings and other stylings.

SEO optimization for Stonly guides and knowledge bases

Edit meta titles and meta descriptions for your guides and knowledge bases directly from the guides manager and rank better on search engines.

Better design for creators and customers

Good design is at the heart of what we do. We've made improvements to make content easier to create and consume. 

  • Enhanced visual flowchart builder for easy guide creation and editing
  • Choose between horizontal or vertical content display
  • Responsive font size and design and formatting updates for buttons, bulleted lists, tips, and warnings