Copy guide ID

First, you need to grab the ID of the guide you're going to edit with CSS. You'll find it in the guide's URL.

To get the guide ID:

  1. Open a guide in the guide editor.

  2. Copy the URL. It should look something like this:

  3. The guide ID is the sequence of numbers and characters that comes after In this example, it's 2GfmBWnzNo.

  4. Copy the guide ID.

Customize CSS

To edit CSS:

  1. Log into Stonly, click on your name in the top right and go to Team Management.

  2. Switch to the Custom CSS view.

  3. In a new line, type .guide-GUIDE_ID and continue with the CSS code.

In the first two examples, we remove the back button from guide YbHBPIxT1u and then from u1TxIPBHbY.

In the last example, we change the background color in guide YbHBPIxT1u.

Where else can I use CSS?

CSS customization isn't limited to guides. You can apply it to individual steps as well as the whole knowledge base.

Read the following guide to learn more about using CSS with Stonly