Clean Devialet Gemini and the eartips

This article will help you to clean Devialet Gemini or Devialet Gemini II earbuds, charging case and eartips.

We strongly advise to clean Devialet Gemini during the unboxing and regularly after multiple uses, especially if you face one of the situations detailed below :

  • ⚠️ - Devialet Gemini is not able to pair with a Smartphone or a Tablet (no LED light when pressing the front button of the charging case, or the LED is not blinking for the pairing as it should be).

  • ⚠️ - No reaction from the charging case LED when one or both earbuds are placed or removed from the case. The LED should indicate battery level through a specific color -  namely Green, Orange, or Red).

  • ⚠️ - One or both earbuds won’t charge when placed inside the charging case.

  • ⚠️ - Gemini can not be reset.