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What is InsulShield packaging?

Wineshipping and WestRock partnered to developed a packaging solution built to protect wine during direct-to-consumer delivery using InsulShield boxes.

InsulShield is made from 97% renewable corrugated board.

This alternative to foam is engineered to keep wine safe for 72 hours, exceeding the performance of EPS foam while greatly reducing the environmental impact and consumer inconvenience of foam packaging disposal.  

This new packaging option will cost the same as foam + ice pack shipping (see "Ice Pack" on your rate card for cost).

InsulShield compared to EPS Foam, per 1,000 packages 

  • 74% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions, equal to 5.28 thousand miles of car travel 

  • 82% reduction in water consumption, the equivalent of 2.18 thousand buckets of water 

  • 63% reduction in cumulative energy demand, enough to power 256.59 houses for a day 

  • 51% reduction in fossil fuel emissions, equal to 2.76 thousand miles of car travel 

  • 69% reduction in solid waste, enough to fill 12.72 household wheeled garbage bins 

It will be available across Wineshipping's network for 750ml in common configurations, including 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 bottle packs.

All other configurations, including magnums, will use a standard box, pulp (instead of foam), and an ice pack.