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Head of growth

Stonly is a new format for content providing interactive experiences. Thanks to Stonly, content goes from static, long and one size fits all documents to dynamic, contextual, step-by-step modules that can be embedded anywhere. We are on our way to help millions of people being more successful with the products and services they use everyday. Based in Paris, Krakow and New-York, Stonly provides companies with the global solutions they need to improve their customer experience as well as better share information internally.

The role

Stonly solves a global issue and anyone having anything to explain can benefit from it. Hundreds of people already create guides on Stonly and use them to share knowledge with customers, partners and colleagues. The next step for Stonly is to put the product into as many hands as possible. As Stonly head of growth you will be in charge of acquiring and activating people that have knowledge to share.

More specifically, you will:

  • Find relevant acquisition channels.
  • Make Stonly stand out as a thought-leader in the world of success content.
  • Build case studies to showcase the value of the product.
  • Create a community around success content.
  • Help customers get started based on what they want to achieve.
  • Manage customer relationship both for activation, upsell and churn prevention.


The ideal profile for the job would fit to following criterias:

  • You have done customer acquisition through content and paid channels.
  • You have already successfully created CRM strategies based on email and in-app messages.
  • You have great copy writing skills and/or are able to manage copy writers.
  • You have a sense of ownership and are able to lead projects autonomously.
  • You are a great team player.
  • You are ready to commit to the pace of an ambitious start-up.
  • You have tested Stonly and enjoyed the experience.
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