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Growth Marketing Manager, Activation and Conversion

Join Stonly and help our growing marketing and sales teams onboard more happy businesses onto our platform.

We’re experiencing explosive growth and getting a lot of people onto our platform. We're looking for someone to help us build out targeted onboarding campaigns that drive activation and conversion. You'll work both in-app and via email to provide new users with the guidance they need to become and stay successful.

You’ll help us identify and prioritize experiments and opportunities for growth, and put in place the programs and processes that we need to bring them to life. You’ll have plenty of autonomy, but enough guidance and traction to be and feel supported. Join a team that cares about our customer, the health and growth of our business, our ethics, and your career and success.


  • Identify growth opportunities: Leverage user data, and work with our head of growth to come up with experiments that could drive activation, conversion, and expansion.

  • Own and prioritize the roadmap: Determine what experiments we should be working on, and in what order, to maximize outcomes.

  • Bring experiments to life: Work with our product team, and tools like Stonly and, to build and launch experiments.

  • Report and share learnings: Set up reporting with our head of data, and regularly share your learnings and insights with the rest of the team.

Skills and experience

  • 4+ years working in online marketing, product management, or consulting

  • Growth mindset: You’re naturally curious and constantly learning. You’re an experimenter, you like to try things and see what works.

  • Data driven: You have a knack for data. You can use analytics, user research, and business cases to drive decisions. You understand B2B growth metrics.

  • Extremely organized: You can keep track of multiple projects and work within tight timelines. You can project manage your own work.

  • User-focused: You have strong user experience sensibilities and a ton of customer empathy. You want to build a better experience for users.

  • Experience working with product analytics (Heap, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Fullstory), in-app guidance (Appcues, Pendo, Intercom, Stonly), and email marketing tools.

About Stonly

Stonly is a new software platform solving the universal need for businesses and publishers to teach their audiences and users more effectively. Our market includes customer support & success teams, product managers & marketers, “how-to” writers and more. Stonly empowers these content creators to generate interactive, step-by-step guides that can be embedded anywhere.

As a funded startup based in Paris, Kraków, and New York City, Stonly is growing its go-to-market team – marketing, success, sales, growth – with top talent.

We are on our way to helping millions of people become more successful with the products and services they use everyday and we’d like to have you join us!