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Full-stack Developer

About us

Stonly is an innovative SaaS platform that solves the universal need for businesses to guide customers, users, and employees more effectively.

Our modern solution enables support, product, and other teams to create interactive, step-by-step guides and deploy them everywhere they’re needed, with no code.

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and leaders and backed by venture firms, Northzone and Accel, our team is driving explosive growth; with hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries - SaaS, fintech, telecom, finance, and more.

We’re looking for exceptional people to join our team and contribute to our culture, embody and add to our core values, and help us grow into a category-defining product and brand.


Stonly was co-founded by product people and as such, product quality is key for us. What we try to create is:

  • A product that serves a goal: Our product empowers people to achieve things. We feed our product ideas by concrete, real-life use-cases that we can/want to address.

  • A product that is efficient: Building powerful explanations is tough and complex. Stonly wants to simplify that process and make it easier for its users. Same goes for people consuming the content: Stonly aims at creating a smooth and productive learning experience.

  • A product that is delightful to use: We want people to feel good as they use Stonly. As such we try to create micro-interactions that bring instant satisfactions and provide a bug-free experience. From user experience to graphical interface to messaging there are many ways to fill people with positive emotions.

  • A product that is more than a piece of software: Whether it is with CRM, white- papers, content or support, Stonly should provide value to its users outside of the application by helping them achieve their goals (eg. explaining to support people how to reduce the number of monthly tickets rather than just how to create a good support explanation). What we are building is not just a tool, and the methodology around it matters a lot. Everything that is gravitating around the software is part of the product.

  • A product that can be sold: Not only our product has to provide enough value for its customers, but we need to make that value easy to understand for them so that they are ready to try it. Customers should see a clear path between using our product and what they want to achieve. Everything that can limit the first investment while providing instant benefit is key.

  • A product that reflects our brand and our company values: Whether it is in the tone or the quality of execution, what we will create as a culture should be reflected in our product.

Working in the Stonly engineering team

At Stonly, we consider that there is nothing more important than our team as this is where all our value comes from. We give a lot of autonomy to team members and they are expected to have a high level of ownership. As a company we care a lot about the quality of what we build and the robustness of our code. We will let you take the extra step to make something very good and we need you to always think about how you can deliver the best and most elegant solutions (pull requests also help)

By joining the Stonly team you will:

  • Work with a team that does not compromise on quality when it comes to product choices.

  • Have the opportunity to explore (and push for) cutting edge technologies.

  • Work with people that are passionate about the product they build.

  • Be part of an adventure in which your input will make the difference.

  • Get transparent information about how the company is doing on the business side.

  • Participate in creating a great culture and a nice work environment

The role

As a full-stack engineer you will:

  • Work on the UI part of new features in collaboration with the back-end team

  • Work with designers to craft the best experience possible

  • Work with QA to make sure that everything you build has the level of quality required

  • Create subtle micro-interactions that make the users' journey more enjoyable

  • Have to care about the performance of everything you build

  • Build UI that will be embedded on multiple websites and used by millions of users


As a full-stack engineer:

  • You have a strong experience in modern JavaScript technologies.

  • You have already worked on single page applications (Having experience in React is a plus).

  • You care about pixel perfect implementations.

  • You care about performance & code quality.

  • You are eager to learn and progress when it comes to algorithms and complex problem-solving mechanism.

  • You are ready to take the extra step for creating an awesome product.

  • You are fluent in technical English.

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